Monday, January 01, 2007

Evolution? Reincarnation? Resurrection?

Readers of my established blog Urban Faithscape will be aware that I recently threatened to commit blog suicide. And I did. Except I'm clearly not dead - I'm here. So 'Hi, happy new year!' What's happened to me in the transition from 06 to 07? In short, I've changed. Will you notice the change? I hope so - I hope it's a change for the better. Unlike Neo in The Matrix I don't seem to have gained any special new powers on this side of my resurrection, which is a tad disappointing. What I do have though is that new level of determination and focus that a new year brings. What am I determined and focused about? Simply this: to write a blog which is useful to people other than myself. Over the 18 months or so that I've been blogging it's been basically a cathartic exercise. I empty out my thoughts and, rather like Dumbledore with his Pensieve, stir them around a bit to try and make sense of them. This meant that Urban Faithscape became a highly eclectic mix of news and views (it's all archived so you can see for yourself). My desire for Faithscape 21 is to attempt to deal more consciously with issues relevant to 21st century people trying to live in a way that will make Jesus smile. I hope that lots of you will join me on the journey.

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Rodney Olsen said...

I've adjusted the blog roll on my blog, changed subscription details in Bloglines, and I'm ready for the ride.

I look forward to your new blog and your new blogging style.

Gavin White said...

Happy New Year Matt! - I'm sure your new blog will be a great blessing to many - I quite liked your old blog, but I can see why you are changing direction a bit with your sharing of thoughts and ideas with the world! - Every Blessing Matt.

Jez said...

looking forward to it.