Sunday, July 29, 2007

Is God bad?

OK, in most of my posts I adopt a fairly gracious, reflective posture carefully avoiding absolute statements. This one is different. This is a rant. I write in response to terrifyingly misguided 'Christians' who have somehow got it into their heads that the floods currently hitting England are in some way the judgment of God coming upon us in the 'End Times'. To such people I simply ask,
"Was the judgment of humanity's sin at Calvary not enough? Does God need to complete the work of Jesus on the cross with a bit of bad weather in Tewksbury?"
Get a life.

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Ben Gibbs said...

Good call Matt!

Joel said...

Nail on the head Matt. Sadly, it's the drivel spouted by a powerful few in the denominations that non-Christians consider to be, both ignorantly and innocently, the "authentic" church (i.e the oldest and with most traditions). We are by association (as poorer cousins) tarred with the same brush :-(

Paul said...

Well said Matt. I wonder how the new film 'Evan Almighty' will go down in the areas hit by the floods. In it God warns of a coming flood in American suburbia and everyone keeps their feet dry by getting on board the modern-day Noah's Ark. This film is being seen by some Christians as a great evangelistic opportunity, and I have even been sent a link to some notes on it for discussion groups. There are a few good bits, but I can't get past this theological 'elephant in the room' (if you'll excuse the pun!) which the notes completely omit to mention.

Jon Hares said...

Hi matt,

We got flooded a couple of weeks ago and just to say I think you are spot on. Rant away! Bad things happen all the time (that's why on the 6th day, God created insurance!)