Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A story of two gardens

I've been thinking recently that the story of the bible is in many ways a story of two gardens.

In the first garden (Genesis 3) we find a man and a woman playing the blame game and going through the pain of dislocation from the one who gives meaning to their lives. They are sent out of the garden disgraced and disillusioned.

In the second garden (John 20) we find a man and a woman. But this man treats the woman very differently. He wipes away her tears, removes her shame and restores her to her purpose. She is sent from the garden rejoicing. Go and tell of the victory... sing Miriam sing... God has made a way through the sea, the time of slavery is over!

It's not surprising that the apostle Paul calls this man in the second garden the 'last Adam'.

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Jon Hares said...

haha! yes...

Mike said...

Nice thought. Never occured to me before. I've enjoyed looking at your blog. Really interesting bites.

BlackPhi said...

In a similar vein, you could consider the story of the Bible as being the story of three trees - in Eden, on Golgotha, and on either side of the River of Life (Revelation 22).
(NB If you're familiar with Rob Bell, you may well notice this is not a totally original idea).

Ant said...

Great post, really thoughtful and worth pondering on. I also like the above comment. I'll be coming back to your blog, for definite!

If you have the time, pop over to mine and say hello!