Friday, November 21, 2008

Music and motivation

It's fair to say that I've been struggling a bit with motivation the last few weeks. The fact that my blog's suffered is just one little sign of this. My life moves at such a pace that from the outside looking in it's unlikely that anyone else would notice anything's changed, but hey, I'm just being honest. So what moves me to hit the keys now then when I've been unable to do so for weeks on end? Well, it's nothing short of the pure, undiluted power of music. Yep, just window-shopping in cyberspace I stumbled across a music-geek type blog, not the sort of place I'd usually hang out but on it I found a link to a mashup of one of the greatest club tunes of 1990 (which was a stunningly good year for club tunes) - the acapella version of 'Everybody Everybody' by Blackbox.
When I was 17 and at the peak of my raving career (ponytail - puffajacket - the works) my parents dragged me off for a holiday in Florida. I remember sitting in the back of a people carrier on Daytona beach while the sun scorched outside and tourists tanned their pale bodies. All I wanted to do was listen to this song at full blast with the windows up and the aircon on. My mum, dad and sisters thought I was proper wierd but in my mind I was back on the dancefloor (this one!) with a sweat-soaked t-shirt tucked in my jeans and the smell of Tiger Balm in my nostrils.
It was literally half a lifetime ago but behind my eyelids I'm back there again.
This is motivation.

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DiggignWisdom said...

I just found your blog. Wanted to say thanks for your honesty and keepping it real.


John AKA DiggingWisdom

adam said...

I'm in no place to comment having only managed my blog for a measly month, but i do enjoy the insight into your thoughts. Again, I feel a little fraudulent as you are one of the guys who has inspired me over the years, but one of the things I was teaching on recently was that what we do has to come out of who we are. This is our creativity. if creation was an expression of who God is, then what we do is an expression of who we are, so we need to focus on being before we 'do' anything. this is why Jesus (and Moses) called us to Love God first before we love others because who we are is wrapped up in Him.
sorry as I know this is all a little obvious etc but i have been known to forget it before and it does seem to link to the issue of motivation and the connection you feel through music